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If your student is interested in joining a sorority, you have come to the right place! Some frequently asked questions and answers are listed below.

Feel free to explore our website and check out the Virginia Tech Fraternity and Sorority website at The best thing you can do is ask your student questions about her interest in joining the Virginia Tech Panhellenic community and the various chapters on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my student join a sorority?

• Research tells us that joining a sorority greatly increases a student’s persistence toward graduation. This effect is usually due to making the big school feel smaller and by providing a strong support system.
• Joining a sorority provides opportunities to interact with a greater number of administrators, faculty members, advisors, and other students who can help provide resources.
• Many chapters conduct quiet hours and form quiet halls, where your student can find a time and a place to effectively study. Some chapters have academic partners that pair members with similar majors and concentrations.
• Chapters organize and participate in philanthropic programs and community service projects, and most participate in recreation and intramural sports. Organizations provide programming for leadership development, academic enrichment and risk management.
• Joining a chapter provides affordable housing options. Living with friends who share common interests and activities is an experience most students treasure.
• Sorority involvement and networking opportunities continue for a lifetime. In addition, any time your student moves to a new area in her future life, alumnae chapters will provide a great chance to meet people.

How does my student join?

The formal recruitment process is the primary method by which Panhellenic sororities acquire new members. The dates for the 2023 Formal Recruitment Process are still being decided. This process consists of an orientation program and four rounds of events that allow potential new members and members of the Panhellenic chapters an opportunity to get to know each other. The 2022 Formal Recruitment process will take place via a hybrid model – with the Open House Round occurring virtually, while the remaining rounds will be held in person. Please see the Recruitment Homepage for more information regarding Panhellenic Formal Recruitment modality, as well as more details about the virtual Open House round.

If my student is interested in Sorority Life, what should I do?

If your daughter is looking into sorority life, the best thing you can do is ask your daughter questions about the chapters and get involved.

Here are some questions you might ask:

• What are the costs associated with membership?
• Are members required to live in the chapter house? If yes, how long are members required to live in the house and what are the costs?
• Are there any meal requirements or arrangements for students living in the chapter house?
• Does the chapter assess additional fees? (For example, would the member need to buy a t-shirt for events, tickets to formals, and the like or are these types of expenses included in dues/ Make sure the chapter does not collect money for alcohol, as this is against their insurance policy and University policy).
• What are the requirements to receive a bid? Some chapters require students to have a certain GPA or a designated number of credits completed. Some chapters may require the person to be involved in other activities.
• What kind of time commitment is involved?
• What are the chapter’s expectations of new members and members?
• What kind of social events do the chapters organize or sponsor?
• When does initiation occur?

What are the costs associated with joining a chapter?

Dues associated with joining a chapter, including semester dues, initiation fees, and possibly parlor fees, vary widely. New member dues can range anywhere from $600 to $800, while sister dues can range anywhere from $300 to $500 per semester, depending on the chapter’s national and individual costs. Your student should ask chapters they are interested in what fees new members pay when they accept a bid and when they become initiated, and what they will need to pay as a member. Some chapters include all expenses in their fees, while others may charge extra fees for every event. Lastly, your student should inquire if members are required to live in the chapter house and what the related costs would be.

Where can I find more information?

Each sorority is different. Encourage your daughter to research the chapters to find a good fit. Help her decide which chapter would provide the greatest degree of opportunities. For more information, visit the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life website at or visit the National Panhellenic Conference website at

To see all of chapters, visit the “Chapter Information” page for their platforms & contact information!

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  1. This says formal recruitment will take place virtually for 2022?? Does this mean they don’t need to be on campus?

    1. Hello,
      Our apologies as we are preparing to open registration for Formal Recruitment 2022. We have recently updated all of our recruitment information on the site to reflect the approved 2022 recruitment modality. This years recruitment will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual, so we encourage you to read through our up to date information regarding this model that is now available on this site.
      Thank you,
      Panhellenic Vice President of Communications

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