How Do I Join?

Interested in Joining a Panhellenic Chapter?
All questions regarding Panhellenic formal recruitment can be directed to the Vice President of Membership, Haley at If you are interested in learning more about how to join a Panhellenic chapter, there will be an interest listserv that you can join in Fall 2018.

Recruitment Registration
Registration for Formal Recruitment 2018 is open from October 2nd – December 15th at 11:59 pm! The registration fee is $115, as long as you sign up before Friday, December 1st. The fee increases to $125 from Friday, December 1st – December 15th. If you are interested in participating in Formal Recruitment 2018, please read everything below before you register- it’s very important in order to a) understand what you are signing up for and b) to do it correctly.

Formal Recruitment Overview

The formal recruitment process is the primary method by which Panhellenic sororities acquire new members. It will begin on a date to be determined. The process consists of a Go Greek orientation night and four rounds of events that allow potential new members the opportunity to learn about each sorority at Virginia Tech.

It is important to recognize that recruitment is a mutual selection process. After each round, you will be asked to release a certain number of sororities, and each sorority will be expected to release a certain number of women. Participation in formal recruitment does not obligate you to join a sorority, nor does it guarantee membership in one.

Formal Recruitment 2018 schedule:

  • Sun 1/7/18 – Residence Halls open/Go Greek Night/PNM check-in
  • Mon 1/8/18 – Open House Round 1
  • Tues 1/9/18 – Open House Round 2
  • Wed 1/10/18 – Philanthropy Round 1
  • Thurs 1/11/18 – Philanthropy Round 2
  • Fri 1/12/18 – Sisterhood
  • Sat 1/13/18 – Preference
  • Sun 1/14/18 – Bid Day!

The registration fee is $115, as long as you sign up before Friday, December 1st. The fee increases to $125 from Friday, December 1st – December 15th.

Each potential new member who registers for formal recruitment will be assigned a recruitment guide (commonly referred to as your ‘Rho Gamma’). These women are returning sorority members who are temporarily disaffiliated form their organizations to help provide unbiased and honest support for you. They will help you understand the specifics of the process and act as your mentor while you make important decisions.

Registration Instructions

Registration instructions will become available when registration opens, on October 2nd, 2018.

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