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Interested in Joining a Panhellenic Chapter?

All questions regarding Panhellenic formal recruitment can be directed to the Vice President of Membership, Michaela, at

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Formal Recruitment

The formal recruitment process is the primary method by which Panhellenic sororities acquire new members. It will begin on a date to be determined. The process consists of an orientation night and four rounds of events that allow potential new members the opportunity to learn about each sorority at Virginia Tech.

It is important to recognize that recruitment is a mutual selection process. After each round, you will be asked to release a certain number of sororities, and each sorority will be expected to release a certain number of women. Participation in formal recruitment does not obligate you to join a sorority, nor does it guarantee membership in one.

Each potential new member who registers for formal recruitment will be assigned a recruitment guide (commonly referred to as your ‘Rho Gamma’). These women are returning sorority members who are temporarily disaffiliated form their organizations to help provide unbiased and honest support for you. They will help you understand the specifics of the process and act as your mentor while you make important decisions.

Recruitment Registration

Formal recruitment will be held January 14-20, 2019. Registration for Formal Recruitment opens October 1 at 8am and is $115. On November 16, the price will go up to $125. The last day to register will be November 30 at 11:59pm.  Further details along with instructions on how to sign up will be up soon. You can find us at Gobblerfest with more information once the school year begins. We understand that making the decision to go through recruitment could be a tough one, so we encourage that you come out & talk to us there or email Michaela if you have any questions about anything at all!

Registration Instructions

Please follow this process to register for Panhellenic formal recruitment:

1. Step one: Log into HokieSpa:

2. Click on the “Student Organizations Menu” link at the bottom of the page

3. Click on the “Fraternity and Sorority Life” link

4. Select PHC – Panhellenic Council

5. Fill out the information required for the Grade Release and ‘Our Commitment to a Hazing-Free Experience’ form

6. PNM’s will receive an on screen message as well as a confirmation email once they finish step one of the process with a link to Campus Director to complete step two

7. Step two: Click on the Campus Director link in confirmation email

8. Click “Sign Up for Recruitment” button

9. In the drop down menu, “Next tell us a little about yourself,” select “I’d like to join a sorority/fraternity”

10. Follow the steps to create an account

11. Follow the further steps to complete registration by filling out all the required information and submitting payment

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